What is UNICA Coin

The name UNICA originates from a well-known trusted and globally accepted Roman Silver coin.

Each UNICA is a unique digital pre-minded currency, similar to fiat currencies except UNICA has a limited number of issued coins.

The value of the coin depends on the demand and supply, which largely depends on its usability.

To enhance usability of the coin we have established an international e-commerce platform called OVIDGLOBAL where merchants will advertise products payable by crypto and fiat currencies.

Merchants and customers can trade UNICA coin on a public exchange called OVIDEX.

10% of the funds received from the sale of Merchant packages as well as some 10% of the turn-over fee will be to support the coin.


OVIDEX is a public online exchange (also called a digital currency exchange DCE), registered in Estonia, licensed to trade crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currencies.

OVIDEX is the market maker for UNICA COIN and the price will be announced daily.

Customers and merchants will be able to trade different cryptos currencies but mainly UNICA.

OVIDEX accepts BTC, ETS, Rippel Coin, Light Coin, USDT.

OVIDEX will ensure the free flow of crypto and fiat currencies between the different platforms.

Participants can make instant transfers internationally.

This public exchange will be open for trading 24/7 the whole year around. In a near future the UNICA will be traded on several other international exchanges.

SALES Strategy

The worldwide sales strategy follow a strict centralized system working with sales-people in an independent sales associate (ISA) capacity. Each ISA reports directly to the international sales management team. The team is divided into separate groups. Each group is responsible for a continent. These groups will handle training and support adapted to each continents culture and values. It is not a network company.

The objective is to reach out to merchants in different parts of the world to join in the OVIDGLOBAL platform. Some Merchants will only sell within their country or continent others will sell worldwide. This enables merchants to enlarge their customer base. Merchants can work with other merchants outside their borders and increase their turnover. It also facilitates the distribution of products in local markets.

ensure a safe


KYC is an abbreviation for “Know Your Customer” and refer to policies and regulations designed to prevent money laundering, financing terrorism, and other crimes involving money. Each user of UNICA Coin and OVIDEX and OVIDGLOBAL must prove their identity which guarantees that each transaction is not anonymous. International business opportunities request a sophisticated customer identification. Our KYC policy is to verify the customers documents supplied. This is under strict confidentiality and all documents will be kept in a secured storage facility.

The KYC documents requested includes name, residential address, date of birth, nationality and a photo.

ICO market


  • Duncan Arthur, the founder of the OVID GROUP of companies, is supported by a dedicated and experienced management team.
  • A very professional IT team which developed all the new platforms and will continue to operate the platforms.
  • An international Sales and Marketing team has been established, as well as teams of accountants, media, design, compliance and support, among others.
  • Management is following a strategy of transparency, thorough compliance and strict adherence to ensure the success of the UNICA COIN, OVID GLOBAL and OVIDEX.


A cryptocurrency can only succeed because of usability. We have created an international E-commerce platform, OVIDGLOBAL. Merchants will advertise their products which customers can purchase and pay with cryptocurrencies or fiat money, or a combination thereof. OVIDGLOBAL will accept up to 100% UINICA COIN if they so desire. There will be different categories of merchant, a global merchant that attracts customers internationally and the local merchant mainly working within his own country and nearby countries. All are welcome. This enables the merchant to attract a larger customer base,